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Technical Solutions

In order to turn on the advertisement in your web page it’s necessary to do an easy step.

Place this code in all pages of your website immediately before the tag </body>.

<script src="mrserver.js" type="text/j-avascript"></script> 

Here the file mrserver.js is a small generated JavaScript file especially for your website, which is placed in your server.

That’s it. Your website is ready for playing video ad.

For other technical questions you can write to address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Partnership Conditions

If you have video content to show the visitor in your web page, we’ll help you to get extra revenue on account of it. We study platforms with both professional and amateur contents on condition that they must match with the Constitution of Armenia and also with etiquette norms.

We guarantee payments made on time and also technical support when you need.

Minimum requirements for joining the system:

  • at least 5.000 unique visitors daily,
  • conformity of the content with the legacy of Armenia,
  • absence of autoplaying of the videos,
  • placement of the web page on paid or your own separate hosting.

The partnership conditions are reflected in the contract between the owner of “MediaRoll” system “Betanet” Co. and the owner of the web page.


It’s not a secret that internet is more rapidly filled with informational and advertising materials day by day. All these inevitably bring us to the rise of competition in the case when the owners of the platforms try to increase the revenue of their own resources. The willingness to increase the revenue often brings to looking for new options. This tendency is also familiar to the owners who prefer to work with foreign traffic.



In One File

Download our presentation file in order to meet the opportunities of "MediaRoll" Advertising Network.


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